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Press Release – Re: Litherland Circuit Weekly 2021 Series

The Litherland Circuit League Committee are pleased to announce the 11th series of events will again be held at Litherland Sports Park, Boundary Road, Litherland, Liverpool, L21 7LA and start on Wednesday the 23rd June 2021 and will continue every Wednesday evening for six weeks until the 28th July 2021 and they wish to thank      


The programme of events each evening will be as follows:


Youth D and E categories for girls and boys              

        Signing On from 5.50pm to 6.05pm                    Time of Start:  6:15pm


Youth A, B and C categories for girls and boys         

        Signing On from 6.10pm to 6.25pm                    Time of Start:  6:30pm                                                     


All senior Women categories including Junior Ladies

including Youth A girls with a current BC dispensation

         Signing On from 6.30pm to 6.50pm                    

                    (A minimum of 30 minutes duration)      Time of Start:  7:00pm 


BC 3rd/and 4th Category Senior & Junior males Only

         Signing On from 6.30pm to 6.50pm                    
                    (A minimum of 30 minutes duration)       Time of Start: 7.00pm     


BC Seconds, Thirds and Fourths categories male and female riders as well as Youth A boys with a

current BC dispensation who wish to “ride up”

         Signing On from 7.00pm to 7.30pm                                        

                      (A minimum of 50 minutes duration)     Time of Start: 7:40pm 


As riding of bikes is NOT permitted in the Litherland Sports car park because of safety concerns by Sefton Council and the Litherland Circuit League Committee therefore, competitors will have a minimum of five minutes warm up period and familiarisation of the circuit prior to the start of their events but they must wait until the Commissaire at the entrance to the circuit gives the OK for riders to enter onto the circuit. 


After each evening's racing, the Litherland Circuit League Recorder will award points as per the Litherland Circuit League Points schedule, which is shown on the Merseyside Cycling Development Group (MCDG) website: 



The Riders Registration Fees for the 2021 Series and Entry Fees per event for this year will be:


                                                £12 for Senior Category Males over 18

                                                £10 for Senior Category Females over 18

                                                £9 for Junior Category Males and Females

                                                £5 for Youth A, B, C boys and girls categories

                                                £3 for Youth D & E Boys and Girls categories


Due to the Covid-19 situation all riders’ entries for this year’s series will only be taken “on line” via the BC events website and entries will close on the Monday evening before that week’s races.  BC charge an admin fee a total of £1.00p per entry for this service.


Youth A riders who hold a current BC 2021 dispensation will be allowed to “ride up” i.e. the girls in the ladies race and the boys can race in the final event of the evening providing they have obtained the Chief Commissaire's approval after showing him their BC dispensations prior to signing on and before being allocated competitors numbers for these events. These riders will be classified as part of the Junior Ladies and the 3rds/4ths Junior Male categories tables in the final event of each evening’s races for the Litherland Circuit League 2021 points competition.


Riders finishing positions points in each of the races will be shown on MCDG website.


To take some of the pressure off the local clubs who will be providing the stewards for the six weeks series of racing the League Committee are looking for parents and friends of riders who would be able to assist with some of the stewarding duties on these nights. If, you know of anyone who would like to help on particular nights of the series would you please ask them to contact the League Secretary so that they can give their details and the dates of the evenings they would be available to help. 


For any further information required please contact the Litherland Circuit League General Secretary.  His details are shown below:


Paul Paterson,

50, Ennismore Road, 

Liverpool, L13 2AT   

Contact Number: 07954 316151

Email Address:



Released by: The Litherland Circuit League Committee on the 8th May 2021

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