Litherland Circuit League

Sponsored in 2019 by Dolan Bikes


(Unit 8, Old Boundary Way, Ormskirk, L39 2YW)


 After reviewing the League’s Finances for the 2019 Season at last night’s meeting it was decided that the riders in ALL the licence categories shown on the Litherland Circuit League Riders League Points Schedule for the 2019 Season and who have gained five or more Litherland Circuit League points during the 2019 twenty weeks Series will be paid the following prize values:


Youth Series:

A Boys and Girls                       -                       £1.80 per point       

B Boys and Girls                       -                       1.40 per point

C Boys and Girls                       -                       £1.00 per point


4ths Category Series:             -                       £4.00 per point       

Juniors 4th Categories               -                       £4.00 per point


Women’s Series

Women - All Categories             -                       £4.00 per point        

Junior Ladies*                           -                       £4.00 per point


2nds/3rds & 4ths Series:

Seniors - 2nds                           -                       £4.00 per point        

Juniors - 2nds                           -                       £4.00 per point

Seniors - 3rds & 4ths.                -                       £4.00 per point   

Juniors 3rds & 4ths.                  -                       £4.00 per point      


*Includes Youth A competitors with BC Dispensations who rode in these events)  


Also, the Youth D & E Categories

The Girls and Boys winners of both these categories have already received their winners jerseys and certificates will be distributed to all the riders in both these categories who have gained five or more Litherland Circuit League points during the 2019 twenty weeks. 


Cheques will be distributed to the prize winners as soon as possible. 


Any prize winners that have changed their postal address during the year please ensure that Tom Greep ( is advised of their current address to avoid any delays in competitors receiving their prize cheques.


Parents of youth riders prize winners who wish cheques to made payable to a parent should also, contact Tom Greep as soon as possible.  


Issued by:

The Secretary of the Litherland Circuit League on Thursday the 12th September 2019

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