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The sessions are designed to attract younger riders aged between 9 and 16yrs to an initiative a little different and more involved in other cycling activities than we have tried in the past.

The base will be Litherland Sports Park, with the primary activity taking place in the ‘Activity Suite’ and will figure a keep-fit exercise session that will include floor games, circuit training and turbo / spinning bike coaching sessions, (someTurbo’s/spinning bikes can be supplied but, the Turbo’s we have are adult size, and don’t always fit smaller bikes)

The secondary activity will be a road coaching on the Litherland circuit (accompanied by qualified British Cycling coaches) to further riders experience in road racing skills. Refreshments will be provided, but riders should supply their own packed lunch and energy drinks if required. There are changing room and shower facilities, both male and female, with lockers and full bike security also, if required.

As the number of spaces are restricted, we have decided to invite riders who have supported the summer racing and coaching sessions at both Litherland Sports Park and Huyton Velodrome. I would hope that once invited and registered, the same riders would continue through all 5 sessions, one per month, so their progress can be monitored and assessed.

There will be informal coaching talk time for anything bike. (In the event of poor riding weather, the coaching talks would be more specific).

The plan is to hold 5 sessions from October 2019 through to February 2020.

Arrival time at Litherland Sports Park will be 10am for registration, and 10.30am for a prompt start to the activities. There will be a ‘one off’ payment of £15 at session #1 (£3.00 per session), that amount reducing by the remaining number of sessions left to do if reserve riders are invited at a later date.

All riders will need a completed parental consent form before taking part (a blank is attached), please bring it with you on day one. I would like you to confirm your place asap through me by email or letter 0151 428 6455 Mb 07954695013, there are reserve riders to fit in if you don’t want to take up your invited place. Please contact me if you have a question on any of the above, I suggest that all in the age range bring their personal Turbo’s, as well as their road bikes on the days of obvious very poor weather which may keep us from using the circuit in the afternoon!!

Session dates which are all Sundays to follow

Barry Warriner

British Cycling Coach

MCDGroup Lead Coach

                               Club Coach Progress Programme  (Bikelight Sessions )


Prior to my absence on the coaching scene (2017/2018), I held the above coaching sessions at Litherland Sports Park on Tuesday evening’s through the winter months for five years to create an ‘upper standard’ of ability for riders in cycling racing within Merseyside, (and the closer area), which succeeded in producing the very high standard of youth and junior racing cyclists we have at this present time.


With the above in mind I am, once again prepared to continue the programme this coming winter.

The initiative is to give a safer area to include the chain-gang ideal within the programme to practice what riders would see in close formation working at a race pace!!


The programme is based and focused on bike handling, and will include all techniques in isolation, to build a solid basis for you to work with your own winter training schedules.


The cost will be £5 per session, to be paid on the night when you sign on, also, because the work standard is higher than it was during the time I was away, I have to set the accepted age group lower limit at 2nd year ‘C’ cat through to junior for both boys and girls. I can invite riders who have shown they can take on the said work standard.


To show the interest is there, it would be good for you to let me know by email as I have to raise the funds to pay Litherland on the night on a session basis,


The start date will be early October 2019; I will send you a parental consent form on receipt on your email.


Thanks hope to see you there,


Barry Warriner

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