Star Trophy Competitions


As it is still not certain  if, and when the races for 2020 would be permitted to commence by British Cycling and also, some organisers have still not decided if, they should still promote their events or even change the date of their promotion to a later date in the year when the suspension has been lifted this all of which adds to confusion.


This leads to delays in getting information of the changes into the list of qualifying events to the riders themselves and parents therefore,  it has been decided to cancel both the Dolan Bikes Youth A and the John Geddes Cycles Junior and Senior Star Trophy Competitions for 2020.


It has been agreed with the sponsor that all of the sponsorship monies for the 2020 and will be carried over to the 2021 and 2022 competitions where relevant.

Tom Greep, 

Star Trophy Competition Organiser


Litherland Circuit League

Press Release re the 2020 Season 

As you will be aware British Cycling issued on 27th May 2020 notices extending the suspension of all BC 2020 events and as the Dolan Litherland Circuit League twenty weeks series comes under the category of regional events, this series is extended to the 1st August 2020.  If, this decision was not changed  during BCs reviews during the next six weeks it would have restricted the 2020 to only three weeks racing which is a very short number of events for the various riders categories for a mid week series.   Also, as most of you will be aware as the circuit does not have floodlighting the Litherland Circuit League Committee would not be able to extend the number of Wednesday night’s racing because of the light conditions at that time of the year at Litherland Sports Park.   Another problem is that the circuit has not been able to be inspected for more than three months as the Sports Centre has been closed because of the epidemic,   In the past it has taken the council two to three weeks for any necessary repairs and safety aspects to be dealt with and completed.


With so much uncertainly when the 2020 series would be able to start the eague  Committee  have decided after much discussion to cancel this year's series and to start preparing for The Dolan Litherland Circuit League twenty weeks series for 2021.


The Committee is pleased to confirm that due to the current situation in the UK Terry Dolan of Dolan Bikes is happy with the decision taken by the League Committee and has already confirmed Dolan Bikes will sponsor this series in 2021.


Issued by The Litherland Circuit League Committee on the 8th June, 2020

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